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Versatile HeadShot

Cycle 1 winner: Rin Fujimoto

This is the page of LutjuLuTeTe's S3NTM (Sims 3 Next Top Model). He decided to create a S3NTM like certain creators.

The very first cycle has started since 4 November 2010. LutjuLuTeTe also decided to do all his cycle for males and females. Also plus-sizes, petites and aliens are welcome. The very first winner is Rin Fujimoto, an quirky, editorial model from Osaka, Japan. Her creator is ContemporarySim (TheCSisback)

Cycle 2 is now airing and the cast of Cycle 3 are chosen.


The prizes are:

  • Vogue Cover
  • a contract with Vogue Agency
  • $200,000 contract with covermodel





no.of contestans

1 Rin Timothy

Simone, Antonio, Maia, Winter (Eliminated outside judging panel), Ashton, Kayla, Gabrielle, Blake (Quit), Aylin, Tina, Dessire

2 David Shantelle

Kathleen, Serena, Erin, Shin, Inferno (Disqualified), Brandi, Brooke, Summer, Alison, Destiny, Xi, Keara, Julie, Trent

3 TBA TBA Out: Ginger, Davin, Zeéni & Veronica, Paul, Fedric Still in: Alyssa, Aaron, Atalya, Bailey, China, Christian, Kevin, Logan, Tauryn. Vanessa 16

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